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I'm a woman from Sweden, but is nowadays living in Åland Islands together with my fiancee, our daughter and the cat Frodo!

The first time I went beyond the borders of Sweden, I was 18 years old. It was only by train down to Denmark. But it made me feel something I had never felt before.

And after that I was hooked. Travelling brings you so much! You get to see the uniqueness of all different places, meet with people, learn languages, take in the nature - there is no shortness of inspiration wherever you go! 



All my life I have been playing games together with family and friends. Started with an Amiga in the 90's, later a Nintendo 64, PlayStation 2 and onward! But since I moved to Åland, I didn't have many to share this passion with. In 2015 i found the page Twitch, and fell in love right away - to be able to share my passion for games with other people! I tried it out a few times, but in 2018 I really went for it!


Being able to Create is  my biggest passion, whether it is painting on a canvas, building up my community, walking in the woods with my camera,  editing videos or creating dance routines - they are all equal in my heart. 

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