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What is twitch?

Twitch is where millions of people come together live every day to chat, interact, and make their own entertainment together. With Games, Music, Food, Travel and much, much more! 

Join me over at

Its free to register & always free to watch and hangout at my live streams. Though there is possible for you to subscribe to my channel if you want to support our community :)

I focus on Gaming & Travel

On Tuesdays and Thursdays we play games! Mostly RPG's but sometimes we throw something different into the mix like MMO's, shooters or community games!

On Wednesdays we travel! You get to tag along when I visit different locations, try out new stuff and experience whatever is out there! 

What is expected of you?

Nothing! :) Feel free to just come by and lurk in silence, chat with us about your day or just pop by to say hi! Whatever suits you! 

The only thing that matters in our community is that it is a safe place! A place for everyone, doesn't matter where you're from, gender, age etc!  Respect one another and lets have some fun! :)

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